Project Description
AI4CAD-3D bir 3 boyutlu tasarım ve ince ve kaba inşaat metraj programıdır.

AI4CAD-3D Beta

"3DCAD Design and Calculation Software"


3 dimensional architectural modeling and integrated engineering calculations engines. (Cost Calculator, Structural Analysis Engine...)

Version Beta

System Requirements


  • Better mobility capabilities than other CAD products in modeling, and camera moving.
  • With transparency, you can see trough the object while modelling.
  • More Speed with built in door, window... objects.
  • With advanced layer system, layers can be added into layers, objects would be more efficient categorized. When structure model grow up and become objects difficult to find, you can find easily with this new layer technologie.
  • Advanced floor and axes placing techniques.
  • For better selecting capability, there is a selection list manager.
  • Big and symmetrical buildings can be easily would be modeled with advanced "cut, copy, paste" algorithms.
  • Advanced and flexible cam mode gives the ability to user walks in project while modeling. User can reach most difficult objects very easily. User will feel the real 3d modeling.

Cost Calculation Engine

  • Advance AI for macro.
  • Over the layers 100% exact calculations.
  • Every changes in model will be transferred to the cost table simultaneously.
  • Making different cost tables at the same time.
  • Export to Ms-Excel (*.xls)

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